If you are considering counseling, I want to commend you for your courage, and for your commitment to getting the most out of your life.  The decision to seek counseling is a healthy choice made daily by people from all walks of life.


Leslie Glass &  A S S O C I A T E S  

The process of starting counseling involves several steps:

  • a brief telephone interview during which some basic information will be collected: the reason for your visit; and your contact and insurance (if applicable) information

  • you will then be assigned to work with the therapist of your choosing.  Your first appointment will be scheduled and your therapist will call you to introduce themselves and to confirm the appointment

  • at your first appointment, your therapist will want to learn more about your concerns, and will do a comprehensive gathering of information about your experience in the world: your medical history; your experience in your family and in other social relationships, etc.

  • how often you attend counseling will depend on your unique needs.  it is fairly typical for people to meet with a therapist weekly, especially in the beginning; after that , you and your therapist will decide together what rhythm works best for you based on your goals for the therapy: weekly, every other week, monthly, etc.

  • we can also provide referrals for medication evaluations; and other specialized services (for example, ADD/ADHD and learning disability assessments); and assist with accessing higher levels of care (for example, inpatient treatment for addictions)