Many of us who live in large bodies do not recognize the effect that society's negative messages about our size has on our overall sense of well-being.  The unique challenges that are faced by women with large bodies can become barriers to wellness.


One-hour coaching session:  $200

30-minute coaching session:  $100

One-time wellness plan development session (90 minutes):  $450

(you will receive a written plan that clearly articulates the goals and action steps that we developed in the session)

Wellness Package:  ($450 -- a savings of $50!)


A one-hour assessment session to identify your wellness goals

Three 30-minute sessions for ongoing support (you will have three months to use them whenever you need them) 

For more information, or to schedule a coaching session, complete the

or email me at wellnesscoaching@sizematters.com

“. . . .discrimination against people with large bodies is the last acceptable form of prejudice in our society. . . . It is still an act of courage for a large person to move through the world believing that we matter . . . that we know our value . . . that we expect the best that life has to offer. . . .” *

I offer online coaching sessions to help you to learn to embrace who you are . . . and to create the life that you want.

  • Learn to love and appreciate your body
  • ​Gain the confidence to actively search for love
  • ​Live a life that is free from size-related shame
  • ​Pursue your dreams
  • Optimize your health

 .  .  . and much, much more!

Whether it is a one-time session to hammer out a wellness plan for you to implement on your own, or whether you would benefit from setting aside time on a regular basis to work on your wellness goals, I am here to help.
You deserve it.

“Your worth does not fluctuate with the numbers on the scale.”**

**These quotes are from my forthcoming book, “Size Matters: The Large Woman’s Comprehensive Guide to Wellness”