45 - 50 minute sessions:

  • Individual: $150
  • Couple: $165
  • Family: $165

75 - 80 minute sessions:​

  • Individual: $225
  • Couple: $250
  • Family: $250

Counseling can often be helpful in improving how family members relate to one another.   It can be an opportunity to examine the spoken and unspoken rules -- unique to each family -- that organize how the family functions.   Family counseling also supports families that are adjusting to specific challenges, like foster care and adoption; separation and divorce; step family blending; chronic illness;  immigration; and polyamory, to name a few. 




Relationship Counseling

Family Counseling

Individual Counseling


Our mission is to provide you with quality counseling services facilitated by licensed therapists who are committed to staying on the leading edge in education and training in their area(s) of specialty.  As a practice, we are affirming of individual differences in gender, race and ethnicity, religious and spiritual affiliation, socioeconomic status, gender and sexual orientation, ability, and size.


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We help people in relationships to overcome roadblocks, and to reconnect, by identifying the negative interactional cycle(s) that interfere with their ability to move toward -- and not away from -- each other.  When partners are able, with the help of the therapist, to access their underlying , often unaddressed, emotional experience, they are often able to soften toward each other, leading to a strengthening of their bond.  We are affirming of all consensual relationship styles, and we specialize in supporting couples through recovery from infidelity. 


Life is a journey.  It is not uncommon for us to experience twists and turns, and unforeseen bumps along the way.  If you are finding that you are in need of support to navigate some of life's challenges, counseling can be a helpful resource.  We offer one-on-one counseling to address such things as chronic anxiety ("nervousness") and sadness; difficult life transitions; excessive guilt or anger; creating and maintaining a work-life balance; body image concerns and issues with food and eating; relationship concerns; recovery from traumatic experience, among others. 


We accept cash, personal checks and money orders, and credit and debit cards, including health savings accounts (HSAs).  We also accept the following insurances:



Carpenter's Health & Welfare Fund

Highmark Blue Shield

Magellan Behavioral Health


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