In addition, I am trained in the use of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), a highly effective, rigorously researched treatment for resolving the lasting effects of traumatic experience, such as emotional, physical, and/or sexual abuse, childhood abuse and/or neglect, crime victimization, medical trauma, natural disaster, military combat, and relational injuries, among others.  For more information about EMDR,  Click Here.

I also provide advocacy, information, support, and counseling for people around issues related to size (weight), size acceptance, size discrimination, and size equality.  For more information, please visit my page on this website that is devoted to these issues.

I enjoy working with people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds, and I also want to note that many people have sought me out because they are specifically looking for a Black or African American therapist.

Leslie Glass, LCSW

Director, Psychotherapist

I believe that we all possess an internal wisdom about what we need to overcome challenges, and to reach our fullest potential.  Life experiences -- whether originating from within us, or as we make our way in the world -- often cloud our ability to access this wisdom.  Therapy with me begins with establishing a safe and trusting relationship. 

This becomes the context in which we can explore and modify those parts of your experience that interfere with optimal functioning, and which block your ability to feel deeply satisfied with your life.  In my work with clients, I draw upon my deeply held personal values of respect and compassion, and I see the work as a collaboration that utilizes (a) your existing strengths; (b) what I have learned from my education, training, and experience; and (c) the healing power of the therapeutic relationship as the essential tools in accomplishing your goals. 

Leslie Glass ​&  A S S O C I A T E S 

"When we pass by a beautiful garden, we don't think about the hours that were spent tilling the soil, planting seeds, feeding and watering . . . ."

                                                                         - paraphrased from Iyanla Vanzant

"I have a ​hoe . . . and I take it everywhere I go . . . 'Cause I'm planting seeds so I reaps what I sow . . . ."

​-- Erykah Badu

          "I have a hoe

           And I take it everywhere I go

'Cause I'm plantin' seeds so I reaps what I sow -- ya know?"

                                                                          - Erykah Badu

Education and Training:

The Family Institute of Philadelphia

Post-Graduate Training

Couples and Family Therapy

University of South Carolina

Master of Social Work

St. Joseph's University

Bachelor of Science in Psychology