EMDR can be used

as a part of ongoing therapy with me,

as a supplement to your work with your primary therapist, or

as a stand-alone treatment.

If you have experienced a traumatic event -- whether it happened decades ago or yesterday -- and, as a result, you continue to have troubling thoughts, feelings, nightmares, or physical symptoms, EMDR is the treatment for you!

Trauma can occur in many ways. Most of us are aware that things like life-threatening accidents, childhood abuse, sexual assault, or natural disasters are traumatic to the people who experience them. But trauma can occur in any situation where the brain perceives what is happening as a threat to the physical or psychological safety of a person. In this way, trauma is a very subjective (or personal) experience.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) works by targeting the memories that are stored in the brain after a traumatic experience. Traumatic memories often get "stuck" (unprocessed or stored maladaptively) in memory; EMDR, in effect, allows these memories to be integrated into a person's life, in a way that frees them from the uncomfortable and disturbing thoughts, feelings, and body sensations that the trauma produced.

Many people experience a significant shift after three 90-minute EMDR sessions. The methods by which EMDR works have been thoroughly studied, researched, and tested, and have been proven to be safe and highly effective.

I have personally witnessed the healing power of EMDR when I have used it with my clients. To learn more about EMDR, visit www.emdria.org; or to find out if it could be helpful to you, contact me at 215-839-0450, or via email at leslie@leslieglassandassoc.com


Relief from Traumatic Suffering


    I offer 90-minute EMDR sessions

on most Fridays,

  at a cost of $225, or a 3-session block for $650.